05 April, 2009

Madame Leota How-To

Although I'm sure most interested parties have already seen this, I posted a tutorial for my Madame Leota effect on HauntForum.com a few months back: Conjuring Madame Leota

The projection loop, in low quality form, is on Youtube, but I've been sharing it with other forum members, so shoot me a PM if you want to use it.


Tim said...

Very impressive work. Disney would be proud. I tried something similar using video from doombuggies.com. I would love a high quality copy of your video to use in my haunt. Thanks, Tim.

Mr. Chicken said...

Thanks Tim! I would be happy to send you the link if you can give me a way to contact me directly. I don't know of a way through Blogger. You could sign up for Hauntforum.com and send me (Mr_Chicken) a PM over there.

Anonymous said...
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